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Dark Phoenix Photos

Welcome to the demo gallery of TWG. It shows some demo folders with images, videos and mp3's and how it is set up.
This description is stored in pictures/folder.txt. Change the title above in the config and/or language files!
You can download more example setups in each folder of the AJAX Demo.
In the overview.htm you can place messages or ad's like in the example at the bottom. Or you can display a random image there.

Dyson Felty - Senior Cadet of the Year 20170225_181905
Dyson Felty - Senior Cadet of the Year 20170225_181911
Perkins Event
Rezty & Dyson TopCon 9-15-2018
Rezty Felty - Energizer Bunny 0225171817b
Rezty Felty - Energizer Bunny 20170225_181744
Rezty Felty - Energizer Bunny 20170225_181750

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